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Although your Broadway Brewing kit contains all the ingredients required to make great wine, the one thing we cannot add is the magic ingredient: time. As wine ages it evolves, becoming more complex and flavourful. To maximize the benefits of ageing your wine, follow these guidelines:


We use a high-grade agglomerate cork which should last at least three years. Synthetic corks are an excellent option if you plan to age longer. Synthetic corks are an excellent alternative and will help to preserve your wine. Add extra sulphite to Broadway Broadway wines you intend to age longer than six months. This is important -Broadway Brewing sulphite levels are quite low compared to commercial wine. Check your instructions or consult your Broadway Brewing Retailer for precise amounts. Fill your bottles so that the space between the bottom of the cork and the wine is about 4 cm (an inch and a half). More space may cause oxidation, less may stress the bottle and cause leaking.


If you do not have a proper cellar, keep your wine in another insulated space with cool temperatures, following the guidelines below: The ideal temperature is between 7° C and 13° C (45° F – 55° F). You can store your wine as warm as 20° C (68° F) but keep in mind it will age faster as the temperature rises. The temperature must be constant with little to no fluctuation. Keep your wine in darkness. Sunlight and ultraviolet light will damage the wine over time. The humidity should be 65% to 75%. This keeps the corks from drying and leaking. Synthetic corks do not require humidity to stay sealed. Minimize movement or agitation, it disturbs the ageing process.


All Broadway Brewing wines will improve with a minimum of three months ageing, and continue to improve over time. How long they can successfully improve actually depends on the bottle, cork, and storage conditions as mentioned above. However, as a rule, the more intensely flavoured and darker a wine is, the longer it will benefit from ageing. The guide below will give you a very general idea of suggested ageing periods.