About Us

The owners and staff at Broadway Brewing bring you 50 years of winemaking experience. We love wine! Our expertise in recommending the right wine for you is a result of rigorous testing of commercial product coupled with intimate knowledge of all the wines that we offer. The result? You get the wine best suited to your personal tastes. Its guaranteed.

Haely and Juhan Lindau – Co-owners/Wine lovers

Haely is a Commerce graduate from the University of Regina and is currently doing a Masters degree in Nutritional Sciences and Juhan has a degree from University of Toronto in Molecular Biology. In their mid-twenties Haely and Juhan deduced the need for Consumer-Made Winemaking services and launched Broadway Brewing, the first of its kind in Vancouver. Haely’s expertise in marketing and accounting and Juhan’s knowledge of biology and fermentation were a great match for the On-Premises Winemaking industry and Broadway Brewing has flourished since it was established in 1992. Both owners hold positions on the board of directors of the Fermenters Guild of British Columbia. Haely and Juhan’s two young daughters, Ella seventeen and Lexy twelve years old, are already anxiously awaiting the day that they can take the reigns of the business.

Alison Maxwell – Manager/Wine lover


Kitaek Kim- Assistant Manager/Wine lover

Kitaek is a recent UBC graduate who is interested in both the creation and moderate consumption of wine. He enjoys full- bodied reds such as Barolo or Merlot, not to mention the odd pint of a nice refreshing IPA from time to time.

Tom Gallos – Customer Service/Wine lover

Tom came to Broadway Brewing looking for a part-time job to help him get through his final year at BCIT.  It didn’t take long for him to fall in love with wine and beer making and, after graduation, decided to keep his weekend shift despite finding full-time employment as a City of Vancouver Park Ranger. Tom’s passions (aside from wine and beer) include fishing in both fresh and salt water, hiking, camping and anything to do with the Great Outdoors. Tom is a bird expert and can identify almost any B.C. species by ear. When around a campfire, he can be found playing classic rock tunes on his guitar.  Tom hopes to continue to help the Broadway Brewing family to grow and evolve long into the future.

Favorite beer: Festa Red Ale
Favorite wines: The Selection International Series Chilean Malbec/Shiraz and Italian Pinot Grigio.

Dylan Kennedy – Customer Service/Wine lover